Las Vegas Custom Wedding Cakes and Birthday Cakes

Las Vegas wedding cake designer Rick Reichart and his wife Sasha Reichartbook

cakelava’s award-winning custom wedding cake and birthday cake boutique is opening soon in Las Vegas! cakelava will offer Las Vegas exquisite, scratch-made wedding cakes, sculpted 3D cakes, and celebration cakes that are high on style and expertly designed by Rick Reichart. Rick’s approach to cakes is artful and hands on. He paints, sculpts, and airbrushes on cakes, and makes his own flowers and decorations. cakelava clients receive a very personalized experience and a cake deisgned with WOW in mind!

Rick’s custom cake career spans more than 20 years in L.A., Seattle, and most recently, Oahu, Hawaii (2005-2015). He is known internationally for cake design and instruction, is co-author of Extreme Cakeovers with wife Sasha, and has competed on Food Network Challenge: “Spongebob Birthday Cakes”.

cakelava’s studio is open by appointment. We work exclusively in custom cakes (no cupcakes, cake pops, or pastries). We look forward to serving you!