We married some of our favorite ingredients together to create absolutely delicious flavor combinations you will be proud to serve your guests! In addition to our flavors designed with Las Vegas in mind, we have a selection of our much-loved classics, and flavors that remind us of Hawaii.

cakelava makes all cakes to order, from scratch. We strongly believe in using the highest quality of ingredients. We don’t use cake mixes or ready-made frostings, preservatives, or icing with shortening. We use butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and fruit and fruit purees.

Almond Cherry Bomb – $$

Almond cake, Amaretto, cherry cream, almonds, cherry preserves

Red Velvet Elvis – *

Red velvet cake, peanut butter, cream cheese, fresh bananas

Red Velvet Classic – *

Red velvet cake, cream cheese

Lemon Kapow – $

Lemon-ginger cake, lemon cream, crystallized ginger, lemon curd, lemon zest

Lemon Pucker

Lemon cake, lemon cream, lemon curd, lemon zest

Double Down Chocolate

Chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate cream, chocolate chips

Neon Lights – $ *

Neon colored vanilla cake layers, ganache

Jackpot!!! – $$

Vanilla cake, vanilla cream, chocolate chips, caramel, ganache, salted pretzels, peanuts

The 9th Island

Coconut-pineapple cake, coconut cream, pineapple curd, coconut

The Triple Threat – $$

Vanilla-ginger cake, crystallized ginger, blackberry preserves, blackberries, almond cream, almonds

Chocolate Coco-Nutty – $$

Chocolate-coconut cake, chocolate fudge, coconut, almond butter, coconut cream

The All-Nighter – $$

Choice of vanilla or chocolate cake, Kahlua, mascarpone coffee cream, toffee pieces, ganache


Banana cake, caramel cream, fresh bananas, ganache

Strawberry Shortcake

Vanilla cake, strawberries, vanilla cream

Banana Blueberry Mascarpone – $

Banana cake, mascarpone cream, blueberries

All In – $

Chocolate cake, vanilla cream, chocolate fudge, raspberry preserves

Guava Lava – when available – $$

Pink guava cake, guava jam, guava cream

Banana Nutella – $

Banana cake, fresh bananas, Nutella, vanilla cream

Peanut Butter Fudgey

Peanut butter cake, chocolate fudge, peanut butter

Cookies and Cream

Vanilla cake, Oreo cookies and cream filling

$ – PREMIUM Flavor. $.50 per serving
$$ – HIGH ROLLER Flavor. $1.00 per serving

* – Not available for sculpted or carved cakes